Exercise 1: understanding / giving directions

Being able to ask for directions is crucial when visiting a city that one isn’t familiar with. Even today, with all the possibilities available to you on your smartphone, it might come in handy when your battery dies on you. Imagine having to get by without a GPS in your pocket: you would have to rely on the help of friendly locals to find your way.

In this exercise, you will try to find your way around Victorian London as it was in the 1800s. Download the map of what London actually looked like back then, watch the video and try to find your way.

Watch the video while following on this real map of Victorian London.

Now it’s your turn! Take another look at the map. What is the shortest way back to the National Gallery? Try giving the directions.

Exercise 2: Home Exchange

One step beyond visiting a city abroad is swapping homes with people in a foreign country. But despite the initial reluctance you might feel, a growing number of people exchanges homes every year. It means you don’t have to spend money on a hotel or rental house, so you can go places you wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise.

Watch this video about a home exchange program and answer the questions.

How do people experience home exchanges?

Would you consider signing up for a home exchange? Why would or wouldn’t you?