Digital escape room using bookwidgets (Eng)

Teaching 16 year olds some IT skills also means teaching them a great deal of netiquette: how to behave online. Most of that has to do with social media: what to share and – and foremost – what not to. A great rule I picked up on the AppleEDUChat conversations… Read more »

#PISA results (Eng)

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So it’s that time of year again: the PISA results are in! As we’ve grown accustomed here in Flanders, we are again moving backwards. Our pupils are getting worse at reading and mathematics yet again. Now according to curriculum-veteran Roger Standaert, PISA tests are invalid, since they do not measure… Read more »

New: begrepen-blog! (Eng)

Today we’re launching a new part of a blog! What to expect? All news concerning the website (new features etc).Stories from the classroom.News about new videos being published.General information about our activities. English? Since the greater part of the activities by focuses on a Dutch-speaking audience (like most… Read more »